Whitey Web Series Photo Gallery

Here are a few photos from the two seasons of Whitey Web Series, 2014-2015, starring Donald Watson as Boston crime boss James Whitey Bulger, Ginger Marin as Whitey’s longtime girlfriend Catherine Grieg (a.k.a. “Molly”). Michael Macoul as Kevin Weeks and Adam Todd as Stephen Flemmi, two thugs who aided Bulger during his crime spree.

Photos of Episodes in Seasons One & Two
2014-early 2015.

S1 E7 Hello Mr. Rat: Donald Watson and Ginger Marin

S1 E6 Girlfriend: John Savage as Patrick Nee

S1 E2 Seduction: Brittany Slattery and Angela Devon

S1 E7 Hello Mr. Rat: Dave Carter with Donald Watson

S2 E6 Loose Lips Sink Ships: Michael Macoul, Adam Todd, Baker Halleran, Alex Buznikov