Whitey Web Series Season Two Episodes

S.2 Episode 1: Supervised Visit: Jan 20, 2015: Money becomes an issue in FBI Agent Hennessy’s personal life with wife Tara threatening to leave him and keep him away from son Max. Cast in this episode: Jeff Hennessy, Katherine Norland, Maximilian Hennessy.

S2 Episode 2: Paisans: Jan 28, 2015: Set in 1985, the FBI’s Agent Hennessy bumps into a few “friends” from the wrong side of Boston then gets nasty with a Russian bodyguard. Cast in this episode: Jeff Hennessy, Louis Lopez, Peter Allas, Frank Ludwig, Alexa Giuffre, Vladimir, Olya Lvova.

S2 Episode 3: Christmas Presents: Feb 3, 2015:  Back in 1985, the Italian mob family debates how to handle Irish mob boss Whitey Bulger. Then in a sit-down with him, Whitey offers up a compromise in addition to some “early Christmas presents”. Cast in this episode: Donald Watson, Louis Perez, Peter Allas, Anna Kolenko, Vanessa, Dawna Heisling, Baker, Alex Buznikov, Olga Lvova, Kelcey Brokhart.

S2 Episode 4: Frisky: Feb 10, 2015:  FBI Agent Hennessy warns Agent Hunter of Whitey Bulger’s influence on the FBI and its investigations and asks her to keep an eye out in the department and her boss Agent Rossi. Cast in this episode: Jeff Hennessy, Vito D’Ambrosio.

S2 Episode 5: You Dare Me? Feb 23, 2015: FBI Agent Hennessy puts pressure on Tal, an Israeli business woman handling some of Whitey Bulger’s sleazy operations, to rat him out. Cast in this episode: Jeff Hennessy, Deborah Driggs.

S2 Episode 6: Loose Lips Sink Ships: March 4, 2015: Whitey Bulger and his lieutenant Stephen Flemmi permanently dispatch a “rat” and his “bimbo” then go about making an alliance with a Russian boat owner who becomes their personal waste management firm. Cast in this episode: Donald Watson, Alex Buznikov, Mike Macoul, Baker, Adam Todd, Famous Dave, Amber L. Martinez.

S2 Episode 7: Battle of the Bulgers: March 18, 2015: Massachusetts Senator William Bulger learns that the FBI’s investigation of his brother Whitey is heating up. He then confronts Whitey and urges him to take care of business before things get out of hand. Cast in this episode: Donald Watson, Monique Parent, Ron Hanks.