About Whitey Web Series

In the 2014-2015 web TV season, among the show’s cast are: Donald Watson as Boston crime boss James Whitey Bulger, Ginger Marin as Whitey’s longtime girlfriend Catherine  Grieg).  Other cast members included Michael Macoul as Kevin Weeks, Richie Stephens as Jemma, Adam Todd as Stephen Flemmi.

Whitey Premiere: Hollywood Feb. 12, 2015 
Photo Credit: Carlos Zeron 
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More About the Show:

Whitey is the tale of James Whitey Bulger (explored from the ages of mid 20s-80), the man who became crime boss of a Boston mob, whose criminality was protected by brother William, a man whose own path led him into politics and the Massachusetts State Senate where he served as President.

The tale unfolds into a sordid web of corruption, from the Boston and state police to the FBI and even the court system, affecting all of Boston during Whitey’s reign. This is the first case of a criminal of this magnitude working as an FBI informant after brother Billy puts him on the payroll. Whitey continues his crime spree of murder, extortion, loansharking, truck hijackings, drugs and gun running, unfettered until finally being threatened with arrest by the “White Horse” FBI agent who obsessively pursues him, which leads to everyone checking their values.

The series lasted for two-seasons, was abruptly cancelled presumably for lack of funds and for some inexplicable reason the show’s producer, Jeff Hennessey, deleted all the completed episodes from YouTube, without anyone’s knowledge, essentially screwing over all the actors who had devoted their time, energy and money to the project.